Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cognitively Guided Instruction, Word Problems

I can't believe that I go back to school tomorrow!!!  Where did the time go??  I have really enjoyed the time holidays and the time with my boys home from college.  There is so much more life in the house with them here!  They make me smile!

I have been working on a professional development book study of Children's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction.  Using word problems on a regular basis can be challenging.  It is especially challenging when you try to make sure that you cover all the different types that are included in the Common Core.  Many teachers are unaware that there is glossary table 1 page 88 of the Common Core that shows the problem types along with an example of each.

Knowing that my math intervention students need experience and practice with problem solving I have used some of my time during the holidays working on a CGI word problem  to use tomorrow when I go back to school.  I am also posting them as a product on TpT.


I created and posted this in powerpoint so that teachers can change the name to their own students if they want.

Teachers can also adjust the numbers in the stories to meet the needs of their students.

I am planning on adding more as I develop a bank of CGI word problems to use with my first ad second graders.

I hope everyone has a great start to the NEW YEAR!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!  I am linking up with The Third Wheel for a resolution linky.

2015 at Home:  At home I would love to come home to a clean and organized home each day!  Boy I think I need to take an extended leave to get that job done!!  But before I get overwhelmed I will set small goals and work weekly to accomplish them.   Bit by bit gets the job done! 

2015 at Work:  At work I think I will continue to give my best each day.  I want to work closer with families of my students this year.  

2015 my Health:  In 2014 I reached a milestone birthday!!  The BIG 5 0!!  So I need to make a extra effort to maintain my weight and increase my fitness.  

2015 my TPT/Blog:  This area is one that I really need to work on.  I want to increase my consistency and develop more followers  by providing relevant and interesting content.  

I want to wish all my teacher and blogger friends the very best in the new year.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September!

Wow it's Currently time again!  That was FAST!  Where did August go??

I love having the time to drink my coffee, listen to the morning news and check out blogs in my PJs!  Thankful for the day off!  

But now that September is here that means SCHOOL is in full swing and the daily grind is REAL!  Well I guess I will adjust!  
I am already noticing the days getting shorter and believe it or not a change in the color of the trees and plants in my area.  I love fall, the cooler weather, fall sports, and the beauty of nature!  Bring it!

I am thinking that I really wish the Labor Day holiday was more than 1 day!!  I could use a whole week!!  I am needing to clone myself to get everything completed!  In the past week I have been on the road taking my son to college!  Miss him!  Going to meetings for work!  Taking my daughter to cross country meets!  I am going to need gas and tires!!  UGH!  But this has put me behind on all the normal things around here like cleaning out the fridge and the laundry!!!   And then there is ALL that school stuff that I need to do.  Oh well, it's not boring!  

I am really, really wanting more followers.  So if you are interested in K - 3 math strategies check me out please!  You follow me and I will follow you!  

Three trips I would like to take:
I would love to go Down Under!  Australia is on my bucket list!  I would love to scuba dive on the Barrier Reef!  
As a nature lover I would also love to go to Alaska! It just looks so beautiful.
And New York City is a must see for everybody right??
Well maybe someday!  I will have to take some meds first because I am a bad flyer!!  But for these trips I'll suck it up and do it!

Big thanks to Farley @ Oh Boy 4thgrade.  You are great!  

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