Friday, April 13, 2012

 After the first 2 days back  which seems like at least a month, I came to the conclusion that we should ban spring break, fall break, summer vacation and maybe even weekends!!!

It seemed as if my students had lost all the progress that they had made before the break!!!  So rather than continuing from where we left off before the break I had  to back track and reteach skills that they seemed to know before.

It wasn't until Wednesday that things seemed to take a turn for the better.  After 2 days of review they have made some gains and are almost back to the levels that they were working on before the break.  I think that getting back into a routine has helped too!  The kids were sleepy for the first couple of days, but now they seem to be back to normal!

Thank goodness!  I really, really would miss the time off!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break is coming to an end!  Only a few hours left!  I have enjoyed the time off with my family.  We have had beautiful weather!  When I return to my classroom tomorrow the home stretch begins!  TESTING is only a about 3 weeks away!  I plan to hit the ground running Monday morning!  As most teachers face the high stakes year end assessments we hope and pray that our students are prepared and will be motivated to do their best!  

Please share your ideas:

 How do you motivate your students to do their best on standardized tests?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

12 or 20???

Have you ever noticed how often young children mix up these numerals?  Many times they call 12, "20" or 20, "12".  It is worth taking some time to make sure that children can differiate between these numerals.  Some activities that I have used to address this issue are listed:

  • Hit the Number:  Use a deck of about 20 cards with numerals 12 and 20 written on them.  You can get blank playing cards or use index cards.  Play hit the 12 or 20.  As you flip over the cards the child names the numerals, and tries to hit the focus numeral.  If they hit the numeral before you do they win the cards.
  • Play memory with numeral cards.  
  • Match the amount with the numeral on a numeral roll or number chart.  Get 12 cubes.  How many is that?  Which numeral shows that amount?  (Ask student to point to the numeral.)  Get 20 cubes.  How many do you have?  Which numeral shows that amount? (Ask student to point to the numeral.) 
  • Numerals in the Environment:  Point to numerals 12 and 20 as you find them in the classroom and school environment. (Clocks, room numbers, lockers, page numbers ...)  Ask the child to name the number.  Also ask the child to locate 12 or 20 in their surroundings.  

If you have activities that you have used to address this issue please share!!
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