Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites Bacon and Sticks (really!)

There are lots of things that I like about Fridays.

  1. The weekend starts!
  2. Dress down day!
  3. Ordering out for lunch!
  4. Oh, did I mention the weekend starts!

Today I ordered my favorite personal pan pizza:  Bacon!!  What could be better than that!  Pizza and bacon at the same time!  Delish!

This week I wanted to share one of the cheapest and in my opinion best materials to use when teaching base ten place value:  Craft sticks!  There is an advantage to using these rather than commerical base ten pieces because kids can put them together and take them apart.  Children that are just developing the concept of "ten" need multiple experiences building numbers by bundling tens and then taking them apart. Not until after my kiddos have a solid understanding of the concept that one bundle is ten ones, do I introduce them to the commerical base ten pieces.   They need to be able to use base ten pieces to represent numbers as well because that is how their learning is assessed of standardized tests.  

And if you use craft sticks you also use rubber bands to bundle them.  Small hair bands work great.  I got 500 of these multi-colored bands for $1.49.  Can't beat that!

I use these materials with 1st and 2nd graders.

I have a busy weekend, getting ready for a busy week, teaching, 2 days of training, academic team practice, after school study buddies, coaches meeting and a teacher work day, not to mention at least 3 reports to do, plus this house is a mess!  Wow I am tried already!  Well y'all have a good weekend!  I better get busy!!

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