Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday!!  And I am linking up with Five for Friday by Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Here are 5 random things for Friday!!

1.  Busy weekend ahead!!  My son will be running in the state cross country meet tomorrow!  This is his senior year, so tomorrow will be the last high school meet that he will ever run!! I am so glad that he is able to run this year!  Last year he made the state meet but then had pneumonia and couldn't run.   So when he started running a temp. last week my heart sank.  Here we go again I thought!  But after about 5 days of a temp.  and multiple doctor visits he improved enough to qualify for state!  So RUN BABY RUN!!!

2.  I am hoping to produce some videos to post on my blog and maybe my teacher webpage too!!  EEE!!!

3.  I can't believe it is already November!  Love the beauty of nature.  This is a tree in my front yard.

4.  I am needing a new coat before winter gets here!  The weather man says it might snow next week!  Yikes!

5. I am loving using the Dreambox  app with my kiddos!  I think I will devote a future post to Dreambox.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jumping Back into the Blogging World!!

I have been on a extended vacation from my blog!  I don't really know why except for all the other things that take up my day like TEACHING !!!, being a MOM and a WIFE!!  No excuses there!!

I thought that I would hook up with Farley @ ohboy3rdgrade to catch  things up.

I love to listen to Mandisa's Good Morning .  This is an uplifting, energetic song that always puts me in a good mood.  
I am loving the beauty of Fall and of God's creation, the orange, red and yellow leaves against a bright blue sky.  
I am thinking about the many, many things that I have to be thankful for!  
Wanting and Needing
In many respects I am wanting and needing to be less stressed!  But as I reflect on this now, even the stresses of life help to spur me into action.  I so I guess what I am really looking for is balance and confidence.
Yummy Pin

This is so yummy on a cold morning!!  Two of my favorites oatmeal and pumpkin pie!!
 What's not to love?  

I am hoping to begin posting videos that demonstrate some of the strategies that I use in my math intervention classroom soon.  Stay tuned!!

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