Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classroom Management: There's an app for that! ClassDojo Review

One of the biggest challenges for beginning teachers is developing an effective system of classroom management!  You may have the greatest lesson plans and the cutest classroom in the entire world but if you can't effectively manage behavior all those things are of little value.

I have always tried to use behavior management systems that place the emphasis on positive, desired behaviors.  Now in our digital tech world there is a web-based tool that fits well within that framework, it is called ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a web based system so all you need is one computer, laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection and you are in business.  The Dojo system allows teachers to provide timely, positive feedback to students.  It also collects behavior data that can be reported to parents and administrators.  It can also be displayed on your interactive white board so students can self monitor.

Another feature that I love is that it can be utilized school-wide so that teachers in specials like music and art can award dojo points in class as well.

And best of all it is FREE!  So check out ClassDojo !

Friday, August 22, 2014

Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin' What???

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin" Teacher Week

For me this is EASY!  I am a math intervention teacher so it has to be math!  I enjoy helping students develop number sense and really understand number, knowing for example that 6 is not just the symbol 6, but 5 and 1, 4 and 2 and 3 and 3, or maybe 2 and 2 and 2.

To help students SEE number I use visuals like dot cards, bead racks and 5 and 10 frames.

So in honor of Teacher Week I am offering my Fall 5 and 10 Frames Fun  as a Friday Freebie.  So hop on over to Tpt and pick it up to use this fall!

Did I mention this is FREE!  Enjoy!  And if you like this idea follow me on this blog and Tpt as a thank you!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week 2014 Who

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week: Who  So it is all about ME!   Yeah!

Here are 5 things about ME!
  1. I am a saved by grace, born again Christian.  Each day I have hope because I have forgiveness though Jesus Christ.  
  2. I have the BEST teaching job in the world.  I am a Math Recovery trained math intervention teacher.  I teach 1st  and 2nd grade math interventions and I love, love, love it!  This is my dream position and I couldn't ask for anything more. 
  3. I am married to a super great hubby who is also a super great dad to our 3 kiddos.   I am blessed to have spent my adult life with this man.  
  4. I am also blessed to have 3 wonderful kiddos!  Oldest is a senior at the University of Kentucky!  GO CATS!  Middle man will be a freshman at Centre College.  He will be running cross country and track for them.  And Baby Girl just started 8th grade.  When the boys go to college later this week I am sure we will all miss them! 
  5. I once jumped out of a moving car!  Trust me, tuck and roll is easier in the movies!!!  I don't recommend it!!  
So hop on over to Blog Hoppin' and link up for Teacher Week and let us know about you!  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I am currently linking up with Farley @ Oh Boy Fourth Grade,

I love, love, love what I do, the kiddos and my teacher peeps, but I have been soooo  busy the last few days that I sure could use just a few more to get some much needed work done!  Can you relate?

  • I haven't had time to get my hair done.  oops! 
  •  I am almost completely out of makeup!!  ugh!  
  • And boy oh boy do I need a wardrobe  makeover! 
  •  I haven't even been to the grocery!!  Out of coffee!! This is serious!

Today's schedule:

  1.  church, 
  2. hosting a wedding shower until 4:30, 
  3. grocery, 
  4. make dinner, 
  5. do an online pd, UGH!!!

Work starts tomorrow!!  I better get busy!!  I hope I make it!!
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